Horseback riding, the “San Benedetto” riding school buys medals in Serradifalco

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 10:12

Share The amazons and the riders of the “San Benedetto” riding school in Favara hoarded medals in Serradifalco during the races held at the “Falco” multipurpose sports center. Great success was achieved by the boys and girls from Agrigento, with Syria Longo placed second in the starter category, and Manuel Agrò, Alfonso Liotta and Emma Catalano who made the en plein in the Juniores category, winning the first, second and third place. In detail, Giuseppe Sciabbarasi, Andrea D’Arma and Claudia Di Silvestro got on the podium for the Pulcini category, respectively in first second and third place. For the starter category Antonio D’Arma, Syria Longo and Gemma Mangione The Junior category Gabriel Agrò, Alfonso Liotta and Emma Catalano.
For the semi pro category Sabrina Randazzo, Gangemi Francesco and Domenico Ponte.

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