Horror in the countryside of Partinico, a dog killed barbarously with shovel shots


A stray dog ​​that lived in the Partinico countryside was hit several times by a farmer with a shovel. The man, over 80 years old, was caught in the act by a neighbor who first warned the carabinieri and then immortalized everything with videos and photos (which we prefer not to publish due to the cruelty of the images ed). A horrendous gesture made without an apparent reason. Even if no motivation could justify such action.

Ruth, as the little dog was called, was also tied for legs and sprinkled with gasoline. The man was ready to set fire to her. To denounce the incident was one of the volunteers of an animal rights association, Salvatore Libero Barone. Who also tried to save the puppy by transporting it to a veterinary clinic. Then on Facebook he continued to update everyone on his dog condition, until – unfortunately – to death.

"I never wanted to, but Ruth just left us – this is Barone's last post on social media -. I don't have the strength to tell you about the events in detail. After all, that's what happens very often, we just don't know. We don't see it. We don't live it. And not knowing serves only to cry less and to turn a blind eye. For those who succeed. In all honesty, I leave to you every comment on every infamous that affirms this irreversibly infected world. The photos arrived on the whatsapp chats made her a neighbor, who caught him in the act and was even threatened by the guy and his nauseating grin. He was not able to complete the work, probably using a lighter to set it on fire, not happy ”.

"Evil, mixed with ignorance – continues Barone – leads to what for many is not even imaginable. Ruth had the common, damned "flaw" of wagging her tail and getting close to anyone who wanted to give him a caress, a cookie, an attention. Blessed are the animals that harm their legs. Far from the man, far from the monster. And so, it is easily approached, betrayed, tied up, taken in blows and sprinkled with gasoline. The rest you already know, and that is that the patrol was busy, that the guy never denounced those who were already known for barbaric killings, that Ruth preferred to leave this world rather than stay there risking to find himself before and again the true Beast. No one went so far as to explain that he would not risk anything. Of Ruth I will remember the crying and the smile of the severed tail, although she had every right to leave her immobile, like the rest of her body. It will not end like this – concludes Barone – and tomorrow afternoon the complaint will begin. Thanks to everyone who thought of this unfortunate child. Unfortunately we arrived late. Let him rest in peace. "

"This latest act of cruelty is a wound to the heart for all animalists," says Rinaldo Sidoli, president of the Alliance of Ecological People (Ape), in a statement. "We are tired of denouncing similar atrocities – he continues -. The time has come for the legislator to tighten penalties for those who abuse and kill animals. We recall that point 22 of the Government Pd-M5s program plans to "strengthen the legislation to protect animals, combating all forms of violence and maltreatment against them". It can and must be resumed by resuming the bill No. 1078 signed by Senator Gianluca Perilli (M5S), scheduled for May 8, 2019 and assigned to the 2nd Standing Committee (Justice) ". Sidoli concludes: “We thank Salvatore Libero Barone for helping the dog and preventing the body from being set on fire. The author of the vile act will have to answer for this crime. There are all the elements (photos and videos) so that the Authorities proceed in accordance with the law against the author of this sinister act ".

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