Horror in Altavilla’s villa, a holy man behind the massacre: phone records under scrutiny

There would have been a sort of guru, a hidden adviser who may have played a role remotely both in the preparation phase of the massacre and during the most bloody moments of the macabre ritual during which Antonella Salamone and her sons Kevin and Emanuel, aged 16 and 5, were killed. Investigators are trying to understand who this person is: Giovanni Barreca, even amid many ramblings, revealed that Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente exchanged messages on their mobile phones with someone outside while they mentioned a name to their lawyer Salvatore Cusumano during their last prison meeting. They said they needed to look at the incoming and outgoing calls on their cell phones, indicating that they spoke with third parties in the days of the massacre: “With whom? It’s a good question,” the lawyer replied, “but I can’t say. And I can’t even say if they were from the religious environment.”

The last place of worship visited by the couple from Sferracavallo was the Pentecostal community Cammino di Fede in Brancaccio. The pastor of this evangelical church is Samuele Cascio, a former policeman and bodyguard of the judge Giovanni Falcone in 1985: he would have been questioned by the carabinieri even though he strongly denies having received calls from the two. “I didn’t suggest anything and there were no contacts with them,” he explained on a television program. “I was shocked when I learned what had happened, and that’s why I went to the carabinieri to contribute to the investigation. They hadn’t been seen since December, however, they were not regular attendees: they kept to themselves, listened, and then left. They didn’t bond with anyone, they just attended services but did not participate in the group’s life. If I had known that similar episodes were occurring, I would have immediately called the police.”

The hypothesis that there may have been other accomplices seems anything but remote: experts are investigating the world linked to pseudo-religious groups on Facebook and other social networks in search of other followers who may have been aware of the meetings that were supposed to free the family from demon possession, which later led to the terrible and bloody escalation of violence.

Moreover, the same investigating judge, Valeria Gioeli, in the order for the arrest of Barreca, Fina, and Caradente, wrote that “they are part of a larger religious group, to which the situation of the targeted family unit was portrayed by them, understood as a friendly network capable of making their searches extremely difficult for the judicial police.” A breakthrough could come soon thanks to the results of the examination of the suspects’ phone records and cells, as well as from videos and audios stored on electronic devices and in chats, and also from the forensic pathologist’s report on the victims, material that could be handed over to the magistrates next week.

L’orrore nella villetta di Altavilla, un santone dietro il massacro: sotto esame i tabulati telefonici

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