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Posted on June 30, 2022 | by Alessandro Bongiorno

Best wishes to Mario Cutello, Giuseppe Dimartino, Bartolo Giaquinta and Salvatore Pagano and to the municipal councilors elected last June 12 in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Santa Croce Camerina, Giarratana and Monterosso Almo.
They will have the not easy – but certainly exciting – task of administering communities that have poured their trust in them.
The moment is not easy and the prerogatives of mayors and municipal councilors (as well as politics more generally) have been eroded by bureaucracy.
Resources are limited, problems are not lacking, the absence of structured parties leaves the mayors alone (even in the face of the temptations to transform themselves into small rais of the country), citizen participation is often limited to the destructive part by entrusting corrosive posts on social media their discontent and their detachment from any type of commitment.
Yet it is a season that can open up new perspectives for the future of cities and towns.
The NRP and the cohesion policies launched by the Government at the national level provide resources to modernize services and infrastructures.
Digitization also helps to break down some of the walls of geographical marginalization and can also represent a boost for communities that have just elected their mayors.
With these tools they will have to face problems common to all (depopulation and emigration especially of young people) to others that are more specific to individual local communities.

If in Santa Croce Camerina the mayor Dimartino faces the political limelight for the first time, in Chiaramonte Gulfi, Giarratana and Monterosso Almo the elected mayors boast a long political and party militancy.
However, all were elected with civic lists certainly centered on the figure of the leader and on a non-ideological program, easily shared by all.
Once the electoral campaign is over, now we need to start administering.
The hope is that the contact with the citizens that has characterized these days will not be lost and that, on the contrary, the channels of participation will be widened, involving the municipal councils (which are an expression of the voters as well as the mayors) and also trying new paths as assemblies open to all on the themes considered most significant (thus returning to the style of the Greek agora when the fate of the cities was entrusted to the city itself).
Assemblies that could also be extended (perhaps with the support of technology) to those who now reside far from their country of origin but have ideas and proposals to offer.

A broader participation will certainly be good for democracy (the result of the referendums testifies to how suffering it is) and will strengthen the same role of municipal councilors and mayors who will be able to represent the needs of their country with a more solid investiture.
Instead, it would be a serious mistake to use the tricolor band as a club to consume political vendettas and prolong the electoral campaign over the years.
No, we don’t really need that.

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Alessandro Bongiorno Journalist, editor of the Gazzetta del Sud and co-director of Insieme.
Former president of the Fuci di Ragusa group, he has a degree in political science.

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