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IKEA Italia, during the month of Pride, organizes for Saturday 25 June at 17:30, at the IKEA Catania store, a meeting that will feature content creator and digital entrepreneur Guglielmo Scilla and AGEDO, the association of parents, relatives , friends and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans * people, + who for almost 30 years have been supporting their parents in the coming out process of their sons and daughters.

A moment of confrontation to tell, starting from a real life experience, how important the support of the family and social context is and how this can be expressed concretely every day.

This is the second of three meetings – the first took place at IKEA in Rome and the next at IKEA in Milan – which are part of the broader “Home Pride Home” initiative, launched by IKEA Italy on May 17 at IDAHOTB 2022 , with the aim of inviting the majority of people to show their support for the LGBTQ + community, starting from the home environment.
The enhancement of diversity and the commitment to creating a more inclusive culture have always been the basis of IKEA’s actions and guide its strategic vision to help create positive change in the societies in which we are present, with the aim of offering a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

For IKEA, every person has the right to be themselves at home, in the workplace, in everyday life, anywhere and regardless of origin, age, social status, sexual orientation or gender identity.
“Like IKEA, we believe that everyone’s participation and commitment is necessary to achieve true social change,” says Francesca Sammatrice, People & Culture Manager at IKEA Catania.

“We are aware that to help spread a truly inclusive culture, which offers support to those who risk being marginalized by society, as is still the case with members of the LGBT + community today, it is important to start from home, the place where everyone we should always feel welcomed and at ease “.

The collaboration between IKEA and AGEDO, born several years ago and which constitutes a further piece of this commitment, works on prevention and awareness, helping to spread awareness of the role that all “allies” can have in the coming out process of a child, of a friend or relative.

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