Holy Cross. Councilor Gravina joins Forza Italia

Today the municipal councilor Franco Gravina who met the regional coordinator Gianfranco Miccichè, and the provincial Giancarlo Cugnata adheres to the winning Forza Italia project coming from a civic list. It continues unabated …

Elena Giommetti, Forza Italia ,: ‘The genius of women’

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Messina: Natale Cucè appointed deputy city coordinator for Forza Italia

Messina. Natale Cucè comments on his appointment as deputy citizen coordinator for Forza Italia: “I am truly honored, thank the honorable Matilde Siracusano for proposing this position to me” “I am truly honored and happy for the appointment as deputy coordinator of Forza Italia for …

Forza Italia regroups to “repair Galimberti’s damage”

Forza Italia Varese took stock of the situation in their provincial political restructuring and presented its guidelines for the city, in a meeting with the three representatives in …

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