“Hit repeatedly, in the past he was robbed”

Not only wounds in the throat, but also in the chest and abdomen. Francesco Lauriano, 88, found lifeless last night in his garage in via Marconi, in Partinico, was repeatedly hit with a knife. The prosecutor has ordered the autopsy, while the carabinieri are investigating across the board to clarify the outlines of the mystery.

The elder lived with his partner, his same age, who was heard by the investigators but would not have provided useful information. The couple had no children. The military is hearing other people, but they are also working on the images taken by some surveillance cameras in the area, hoping that they may have recorded what happened last night. The victim was wealthy and in the past he had already suffered a robbery: it is not excluded – but it is only one of the tracks taken at the moment – that the crime may have matured right at the height of an attempt to rob the elderly. Lauriano’s body had been noticed last night by some passers-by who had called 118 and the carabinieri. The lifeless body of the man was found on the ground, near his point.