Historical beach shoe swept away from Messina found in Siracusa

A small storm caused a rescue dinghy to drift away, and it was found five days later off the coast of Siracusa. This happened to the owners of Lido Glirrerammare on the north coast of Messina. On August 6th, during the night, the sea took away their prized symbol of the establishment, a dinghy that Fabio, the owner, was particularly proud of. They posted on social media asking for help in finding it, treating it like a lost pet. They only received one unconfirmed report of a sighting from a sailing boat in Scaletta Zanclea, along the coast of Messina province. When all hope seemed lost, they received a call from Siracusa. Leandro Marino from the Vento in poppa sailing club retrieved the dinghy with his boat, after it sailed in open waters for five days and nights. Fabio will now secure it more firmly.

Messina, il mare porta via dal lido lo «storico» pattino: viene ritrovato a Siracusa

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