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Historic event in Palermo. Debate with Alberto Franceschini, one of the founders of the Red Brigades | Sicily Today News

It can undoubtedly be considered a historical event , unique for the Sicilian capital, the confrontation that will come to life at the 17 on Wednesday 26 January at the bookshop “La Feltrinelli” in Palermo (Via Cavour 133) with one of the protagonists of Italian history of the twentieth century and of the current transition phase. The story of a long season of social conflicts in Italy and the subsequent grueling drift of the Second Republic, marked by globalization and the loss of identity and belonging, will be told by Alberto Franceschini , leader and one of the founders of the Red Brigades. This opportunity will be offered by the presentation of the essay “ Gli Estranei ” (Nuova Ipsa editore) by Victor Matteucci , containing a valuable contribution by Franceschini. A volume that also boasts the preface of the scholar Mauro Laeng , known for having reformed the school over the years 70, and the Moroccan writer Rita El-Khayat , whose testimony as an Arab woman and intellectual tells of a world whose contradictions affect multiple levels . A book that allows us to take a journey back in time, but bringing us back to a today in which the gap between included and excluded , between the world of guaranteed and of those who, to claim their existence, until a few years ago threw stones from overpasses, is getting stronger and progressively increasing.

The author himself will introduce. Moderate Gilda Sciortino .

Limited seats. Admission in compliance with Anti Covid regulations with super green pass and Ffp2 mask.