his wife launches a petition to ask Mattarella for pardon

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The petition – “My name is Maria Angela Distefano, I am the wife of Guido Gianni.
On February 18, 2008 three robbers, armed and with balaclavas, attack the family jewelry in Nicolosi (CT) a village on the slopes of Etna, beating me, tearing me apart my hair, placing a gun on my heart, threatening to kill us all and devastating the shop.
Other robbers, belonging to organized crime, were just outside.
Guido defended me, his life, that of a customer and our business.
Ed this is why I believe he cannot pay for the wickedness of his assailants.
Guido is a model husband and father, devoted to his family and loyal to duty.
He does not deserve to be in prison, that place does not belong to him.
My husband is an artist who likes to create, not destroy.
DEFENSE IS ALWAYS LEGITIMATE! I ask that the President of the Italian Republic grant him the pardon to allow him to return immediately to his family “, reads the petition which, at the moment, has collected over 10 thousand signatures.

The reactions – In sharing the petition on Facebook, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini he wrote: “Thursday, I went to see him in prison in Palermo.
Convicted, after a lifetime of work, for reacting to an armed robbery, defending his wife from the assault of robbers.
Defense is always legitimate “.

“The incredible legal affair of Guido Gianni cannot be considered concluded with his unjust sentence.
Anyone who cares about the issue of safety, for themselves, for their loved ones, sign the petition launched by his wife Maria Angela Di Stefano”.
He says it

Susanna CeccardiMEP of the League, who signed the petition.

“What happened in that jewelry can, unfortunately, happen to anyone.
And my position, of the League, has always been very clear: the judicial system must protect those who suffer a crime, moreover so serious, and not mistake the victim for the executioner .
And there are cases, like this one, that speak for themselves.
Thanks to the law insistently wanted by Matteo Salvini, in 2019, Italian citizens have the right to have their legitimate defense recognized “, adds Ceccardi.

“The case of Guido Gianni, who when he entered the jewelry store, saw his wife beaten by robbers, armed with guns, is no different from that of Graziano Stacchio, Giovanni Petrali, Daniele Ferretti, Fredy Pacini: all honest workers who reacted while they suffered a robbery, in self-defense.
But, unlike them, Guido was not recognized the right to self-defense.
In a sentence like this, which transforms a person who wanted and simply had to defend himself into a criminal, the bad Italian justice.
But I don’t want to give up and I will do everything possible to support the cause of Guido Gianni “, concludes the MEP.

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