Highway, San Filippo junction closed until Wednesday 29: all limitations

The schedule of extraordinary maintenance, structural redevelopment and safety measures initiated by Autostrade Siciliane continues tightly, with the alternation of construction sites on the A18 and A20. The San Filippo junction will be closed until Wednesday 29 between 9.30 and 19.00, where the Municipality of Messina is restoring the lighting systems.

The interventions on the Messina-Palermo On the Messina-Palermo in recent days, in-depth monitoring has been carried out at the Cicero, Porrazza, Cipolla, Baldassarre, San Cono, Capo D’Orlando, Rocca di Caprileone, San Bartolomeo, San Basilio tunnels. The checks, carried out in search of any hidden criticalities also through the electromagnetic waves of the georadar, did not return alarming results and in the next few days we will arrange, where necessary, temporary construction sites useful for performing isolated maintenance interventions. In the meantime, as announced, the investigations at the cap of the tunnel on the mountain side “Parlato Pisciotto”, in the direction of Messina, have already begun and work has already begun to restore normal safety conditions, which will end on Friday 8 October. To this end, the mandatory exit in Cefalù, established a few days ago, was abolished and the motorway traffic between Cefalù and Gioisa Marea is now diverted to the valley carriageway, where the two-way traffic is in force. Furthermore, access to the motorway at the Cefalù toll booth has been forbidden only for those driving towards Messina. The inspections by Autostrade Siciliane until 5 October will also focus on the Piana, Guardia, Halaesa, Tusa, Rosmarino, Grillo, Piano Paradiso and Torre Finale tunnels. Therefore some sections of the A20, towards Palermo, will alternatively be affected by temporary closures with traffic diversion on the opposite lanes. The project for the reconstruction of the entire motorway pavement also continues and in recent days a new section of the A20 has been completed at Terme Vigliatore, now free from construction sites and prohibitions to transit. Interventions on the Messina-Catania With regard to the program of extraordinary maintenance interventions of the deteriorated concrete parts of underpasses and retaining walls, on the Messina-Catania some occasional narrowing of short sections may be necessary, subject to maintenance interventions. As usual, for the safety of all travelers and in compliance with the ministerial provisions, it is always recommended to respect the road signs, speed limits and the prohibition of overtaking on the motorway sections concerned. It is also good to remind those traveling that, in compliance with the safety directive issued by the European Commission, on five tunnels of the A18 Messina-Catania and eighteen of the A20 Messina-Palermo (longer than 500 meters) the speed limit of 80 km / h, the prohibition of overtaking and the obligation of a minimum distance of 100 meters between vehicles in transit.

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