High numbers and first aid on tilt: Palermo from the red zone

The numbers indicate the need for a squeeze. The idea of ​​vaccinating in shopping malls.

PALERMOBy now it should be a matter of hours, except for sensational surprises and reverse gears, and then we will read the order of President Musumeci that will establish the red zone in Palermo. The numbers available say it and the drafts of the Palace whisper it. In the afternoon we will know more. It is still a hypothesis, before there is officiality, even if it is highly probable.

The numbers

Based on the provisional data sent by the commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, in the Municipality of Palermo, the number of new positives in the week from March 30 to April 5 is 1763, that is to say 275.2 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Yesterday, with reference to the week from March 28 to April 3, it was 251.3. The processing is by the statistical office of the Municipality of Palermo. The data – says the Municipality – are defined as “provisional” because the weekly report of the commissioner’s office is drawn up on Thursdays. So reports the Ansa. They are, in fact, red zone numbers.

Confcommercio protest

“Almost 600 new infections in the province of Palermo? To date we have not yet heard of a change of pace on the system that we ask that it be finally certified and computerized, as befits a civilized country. Therefore we will not be able to accept, on the basis of an inadequate and artisanal system, to say the least, further restrictive measures ”. So, Patrizia Di Dio, President of Confcommercio Palermo, who adds: “Furthermore, the objective parameters established by the Ministry that would trigger the red zone do not seem to have been exceeded. We vitally need to work. Those who are forced to close their business without having adequate support but only small alms, remains only to be able to work to ‘stay alive’. It is we, shops and public establishments, who pay the highest price due to unfair decrees ”. The final thrust: “No one has yet had the intellectual honesty to rethink the criteria of the restrictive measures and no one has admitted the failure of the emergency management as it has been conducted for over a year. This is also clearly confirmed by the slowness of the vaccination campaign which, according to our ‘countdown’, at current averages, would see the administration of the first dose completed only in February 2022 ”.

The League: “Palermo exhausted”

Politics, of course, is also called into question by waiting. Nino Minardo says, regional secretary of the Lega: “The context in which the new red zone for Palermo is maturing is unprecedented even compared to the thirteen months of suffering and the fight against the pandemic that we have all already faced. Because we are talking about a community of over one million people in the metropolitan area of ​​which a substantial portion is at the end of the day ”. “Sealing hundreds of thousands of Palermitans, now on the threshold of psychological and emotional depression and economic and financial disaster, again and for other weeks is not a decision that can only be made on the basis of algorithms. – adds Minardo -. Certainly if the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths continues to grow, health countermeasures are necessary but, this time, they will have to be accompanied by extraordinary measures. I have neither heard nor seen any trace of this necessary extraordinary nature; in the last few hours we have only witnessed a kind of cautious blame game that doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all the people of Palermo. A tough decision with unpredictable social consequences such as imposing more weeks of red zone in Palermo today must also be agreed with the national government and all institutions must fade the potentially devastating reactions for the aforementioned slice of the population: the Palermo most in difficulty “.

The situation in the emergency room

The voices coming from the Palermo hospitals tell a LiveSicily a situation of contagion that worries. Not only the ambulances lined up in Partinico, in recent days. All hospitals seem to be under stress. When it is not yet two in the afternoon, for example, the Covid emergency room of the ‘Cervello’ hospital has thirty patients in charge, with an overcrowding rate of 150 percent and there are many patients everywhere. A dramatic situation, confirmed by a subsequent Ansa: the Covid emergency rooms of the Cervello hospital, Termini Imerese and Partinico are now full. “The situation in the emergency rooms has exceeded the limit – explain the doctors from the hospitals, cited by the agency -. We look forward to the next decisions by the leaders of the Region ”.

Vaccinate in shopping centers

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​moving the vaccination campaign to shopping centers is gaining ground. It is still the embryo of an indication. But, in Palermo, there were the first inspections. Of course, the point is always the same: will the doses be enough?