Heritage Days: treasure hunt at the Botanical Gardens and a playful tour of the Zisa Castle


Event location: Castello della Zisa and Orto Botanico streets within the article

Event date: From 09/21/2019 to 09/22/2019

Event cost: 3 euros

The Botanical Garden and the Castello della Zisa in Palermo adhere to the "European Heritage Days" initiative according to the theme chosen by the MiBac "1,2,3 Art – Culture and entertainment!". In Palermo, at the Botanical Garden a treasure hunt to discover flowers and plants while at Castello della Zisa a special guided tour will tell the children the story of this place.

Game visit for children: appointment 21 and 22 September at 11:30. Guided tour 4 euro + entrance to the site. Booking recommended. A guided tour that becomes a game, discovering the history of the Castle, its strange ventilation systems and colored niches, the so-called muqarnas. From the second floor of the building we will go on to the description of the system of tanks in the park of the Genoardo, to then introduce the hall of the fountain and the so-called Devils of Zisa.

Treasure hunt: appointment on September 22nd at 11 am. Children (6-11 years): ticket 4 euros + admission to the site 3 euros. Carers will only pay for the museum entrance ticket. Booking recommended. A … A … To seek stubborn and courageous children who know how to face the numerous challenges, riddles and obstacle courses to conquer the hidden treasure of the Botanical Garden. The educational activity will allow children to learn about the history of the botanical garden through treasure hunting and learn to recognize flowers, leaves and trees in the different areas of the Garden.

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