here’s what has been planned for this weekend

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Last weekend, Saturday and Sunday to be precise, it went well.
The experiment is, in fact, successful.
So we repeat for the new weekend: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
From 6 to midnight, a ban on transit along the Falcone-Borsellino seafront has been established, in the stretch between street number 35 and piazzale Giglia.
No transit also in via Senatore Cognata, in the stretch between the intersection with via Eolo and the Falcone-Borsellino seafront.
There is also a ban on parking, with removal on both sides, in piazzale Giglia, in the stretch between the entrance to the former heliport up to the intersection with viale Dei Giardini / Nettuno.

Wild nightlife and road traffic in chaos, the Municipality dictates new and experimental rules

After the episodes of violence and degradation in the seaside village of San Leone, the mayor Franco Miccichè has ordered a new ordinance to impose stricter rules on nightlife during the summer.
Rules that must be respected until next September 30th.
The “squeeze” mainly concerns the administration and consumption of alcohol in the evening and the closing times of the premises.

Here comes the “squeeze” on the nightlife with the new ordinance: this is how we will have to behave this summer

But maximum attention has also been paid to traffic.
And so on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – from 18 to 24 – we will try, with these directives and changes to the viability of the center of San Leone, already tested last weekend, to avoid chaos.

Wild Movida, Confcommercio: “More controls on the sale of alcohol to minors and fight against illegal activities”

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