here's how traffic will change

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 12:52

Via interventions in various city streets, the traffic changes. A first provision was signed to allow the works in via Salso. The ordinance ordered by the municipal police manager requires the establishment of a parking ban with removal in the section between Corso Garibaldi and Via Salso, from 8 September 9 to 17 September 30 2021 until the end of the works. A second ordinance was signed to regulate the vehicular discipline in viale XXIV Maggio and in piazza Gondar to allow Aica to carry out some works on the water network.
In detail, the ordinance imposes a ban on transit and parking with removal in viale XXIV Maggio for 7 and 8 September and in piazza Gondar for 9 September 2021.

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