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The provincial secretary of the Democratic Party of Ragusa announced in a press release that:

“The provincial direction of the Democratic Party of Ragusa took place this afternoon in the hall of the Feliciano Rossitto Study Center in Ragusa which, in the presence of the provincial secretary Lino Giaquinta, the city secretaries, the other members of the management and the Hon.
In Dipasquale, he made official the list of candidates for the 2022 regional.
The list will therefore consist of: Giusy Brullo, Nello Dipasquale, Lino Giaquinta and Francesco Stornello.
A strong and authoritative list that will be able to maximize the electoral result of the Democratic Party and that will present itself to the electorate not only with a view to a goal for the individual candidates, but to realize a heritage as a team.
During the meeting, moreover, there was talk of the presidential primary of 23 July which will see the PD committed compactly and with the maximum mobilization in support of Caterina Chinnici“.

News from Sicily 2022-06-23 22:42:00

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