here is the candidate for mayor Salvo Iacono

Editorial team 03 October 2021 10:31

Share Agrigentonotizie met the five aspiring mayors of Porto Empedocle: Ida Carmina (Five Star Movement). Gianni Hamel (Primavera Empedoclina). Except Iacono (Development for Porto Empedocle, Liberi and Capaci, Isola Empedoclina). Rino Lattuca (Brothers of Italy, Lattuca Mayor, SiAMo Vigata, Udc). Calogero Martello (We for the city, Progetto Comune, Forza Italia). All – in accordance with the level playing field – were asked four dry, and identical, questions: Why did you decide to apply? … How to overcome the financial distress of the Municipality? … If he is elected, what will he do in the first hundred days? … What actions for the tourist revitalization of the city? … Each candidate had one minute available for each answer, the order of publication of the interviews with the aspiring mayors of Porto Empedocle strictly follows the alphabetical one. Administrative, Porto Empedocle is preparing to vote: five mayoral candidates , hundreds of aspiring advisers

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