here is the candidate for mayor Giuseppe Infurna

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 10:31

Share Agrigentonotizie met the three aspiring mayors of Favara: Giuseppe Infurna (Forza Italia, Lega, Azzurri for Favara – Noi Per, Onda – Cambiare Passo, DC).
Totò Montaperto (Udc, Montaperto for Favara, Fab … Aria Nuova, Fratelli d’Italia, Vivi Favara, It will become Beautiful, Let’s team up for Favara). Antonio Palumbo (Favara for common goods, PD, L’altra Favara). All – in accordance with the level playing field – were asked four dry, and identical, questions: Why did you decide to apply? … If elected, what will be his first measure and what must be done within the first hundred days of syndication …. Municipality in distress, what is the recipe for raising the coffers? … Continuous Emergencies, how to manage waste?
Each candidate was given a minute of time for each answer, the order of publication of the interviews with the aspiring mayors of Favara strictly follows the alphabetical one. Administrative 2021, in Favara three candidates for mayor : Infurna, Montaperto and Palumbo

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