Helicopter crashes in Rimini, injured Agrigento pilot in stable condition: will undergo surgery.

Major Ivan Tabone, injured during an emergency landing in Rimini two days ago, is in stable condition. The 51-year-old from Agrigento is hospitalized in Cesena with fractures to his ribs and spine, and will undergo surgery on Friday. The doctors are optimistic. His colleague, a 36-year-old lieutenant, was also injured but has already been discharged. Tabone will have a long recovery before returning to duty. He was on board the AW129 Mangusta helicopter from the 7th Army Aviation Regiment for a training flight when it lost altitude and he successfully made an emergency landing on farmland. The helicopter flipped on its side. The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the incident. Colleagues and friends have sent messages of encouragement and well wishes for Tabone’s quick recovery.

Elicottero precipitato a Rimini, il pilota agrigentino ferito è in condizioni stazionarie: verrà operato

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