Healthcare, Nas inspections reveal irregularities in waiting lists in Sicily.

The Carabinieri of the Nas have reported 26 people, including doctors and nurses, in an investigation involving the management of 3,884 waiting lists and appointment schedules for outpatient medical visits and diagnostic exams in the public health service. After inspections in 14 hospitals in Palermo and Agrigento, it was found that 23 different units had suspended bookings for specialized outpatient and instrumental services (so-called closed schedules). It was also discovered that some bookings were not being entered into the Cup computer system but were instead being recorded on paper. In Catania, Carabinieri have reported an orthopedic doctor for conducting outpatient visits for patients without the required appointment, bypassing the waiting list system and failing to collect the expected contribution fee, causing harm to the regional health system.

Sanità, i controlli dei Nas sulle liste d’attesa: ecco le irregolarità scoperte in Sicilia

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