Health Nephrology Dialysis Transplant Register presented

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The bi-weekly WebTV information event promoted by the Regional Health Department of Sicily, produced by Panastudio Gruppo Editoriale and conducted by Francesco Panasci, director responsible for

In today’s episode we have given an information “space” to an important work tool in the health sector: “the Register of Nephrology, dialysis and transplantation”.

Pathology registers, whose usefulness is recognized by law, are the most suitable system for systematically collecting epidemiological data.
They make it possible to detect territorial differences in the distribution of diseases and in the possibilities of access to treatment, allowing prevention and resource planning interventions.

The Register is a consolidated tool that allows you to have clear and comprehensive information on the more than 5,000 patients undergoing renal replacement treatment and is a very important tool for verifying the adequacy of the offer and lives thanks to the unanimous effort of all the centers that feed it.
and of the CRT which checks the sending of data, their consistency and correctness and processes them.

“The national register lives thanks to the contributions of the regional registers, (in Italy 15 out of 20 regions, ed), and the Sicilian one, which has been contributing for many years, is a complete, solid register.
And it projects a positive image of Sicily on a national and international level ”.

The total number of dialysis centers in Sicily, 116, (which corresponds to 23 centers per million inhabitants) is higher than the national average.
Most of the 35 public centers provide, in addition to the hemodialysis service (shared with private individuals), also a peritoneal dialysis service and outpatient care both for patients with kidney disease not on dialysis and for patients with kidney transplants.

The episode in question then followed the presentation of the “register” attended by the National Coordinator of the Nephrology Registry Maurizio Postorino, the Regional Coordinator of the CRT Sicily, Giorgio Battaglia, the manager of Service 8 of the Health Department, Francesco La Placa, the director of the Special Office for communication of the councilorship Daniela Segreto, the general director of ARNAS Civico, Roberto Colletti, and Bruna Piazza, head of the operational coordination of the CRT.

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