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From the common will of several associations that want to share any territorial problems and find a solution that meets the needs of less affluent users, “NETWORK BETWEEN THE NETWORKS” was born in Palermo, promoter of the activation of the SOLIDARITY SPECIALIST AMBULATORY, based in via Constantine Lascaris.

A team of voluntary specialist doctors will ensure free specialist medical visits to those who, not being able to use the NHS often in a situation of overcrowding and unable to contact the private health system, will apply to be examined.

At the joint clinic, it will be possible to ask for a specialist medical consultation in Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Neurology, Dietetics, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Vascular Surgery.

The operational management of the clinic will be ensured by the Volunteers of the Associations belonging to the Network who will also guarantee assistance and support activities to those who request it.

The promoter of the initiative is AMMI, the Italian Medical Wives Association of Palermo, whose President Flavia Prestana Imburgia has been entrusted with the coordination of the Associations that have joined the initiative: Associazione Crocerossine d’Italia Onlus – Section of Palermo, Association of Doctors of Palermo, Italian Catholic Doctors Association, CISOM (Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta), Federative College of Cardiology, Fidapa Palermo Felicissima, AIRC Foundation for cancer research ets, Inner Wheel Palermo Igea, Inner Wheel Club Qarinis, Lions Club Libertà, Parish of Maria SS.
della Provvidenza – Terrasini – So.
San (Health Solidarity) Lions Club Libertà The agreement for the launch of the Network has been signed, between the territorial Presidents of the Associations involved, (in photo Giovanni Imburgia for AM Palermo, Anna Lapresa for CISOM, Raffaele Pomo for AMCI, Gabriella Vitrano for the Federative College of Cardiology, Gabriele Miccichè for So.San Lion Club, Francesca Manno for Inner Wheel Palermo Igea, Antonella Riccio for Lions Club Libertà, Flavia Prestana for AMMI, Niny De Nicola Director of the AIRC Sicily Committee, Anna Di March for Associazione Crocerossine d’Italia Onlus Palermo, Patrizia Potestio for Fidapa Felicissima) the clinic was inaugurated on April 2 at 11.00, at the premises of the same, in the presence of the President of the Order of Doctors of Palermo, Dr.
Salvatore Amato, connected remotely who brought his greeting address, pleased with the initiative.

The National President of AMMI Michela d’Errico Alfieri also took part in the inauguration, congratulating him on the high-profile human and social activity towards the weaker sections of the city.

The outpatient clinic will be active shortly and will represent a concrete opportunity for supportive health aid for those who request it.
It will be possible to book visits by contacting the parish offices of the Churches of Our Lady of Lourdes (P.zza Ingastone) – Santo Stefano (Zisa) – Maria Santissima della Provvidenza (Terrasini) and at the Listening Center run by the CISOM Volunteers housed in the premises of the Consulta delle Culture in via Alloro.