"He warned the mafia that he had bugs in the car," Elettrauto asks the review to go free


"I found the microchip but I can't touch it." The defense of the electrician Antonino Massaro, 61, of Licata, investigated in the anti-mafia investigation "Halycon" and recipient of the provision that obliges him to sign the judicial police, resort to re-examination.

The lawyer Santo Lucia has presented an appeal to the tribunal of liberty to demand the cancellation of the precautionary measure adopted by the Palermo magistrate, Fabio Pilato, for the accusation of aiding and abetting aggravated by having facilitated the mafia.

Massaro, the prosecution claims, allegedly alerted one of the Licata affiliated mafia members, 53-year-old Giovanni Mugnos, who had bugs in his car, which he did work with. The episode, which was to be discovered in an interception, dates back to 31 January 2017. A hearing will be set for the next few days.

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