he surrenders in the final only to Lazio

Drafting 27 September 2021 12:03

Share One step away from glory after a perfect path. Padel Palermo came close to winning the Fitpra Italian Cup, a national competition reserved for players up to category 4/1, losing in the final against Lazio. The team led by Massimo Tesauro first triumphed in the provincial and regional stages, thus gaining access to the final stage which took place last weekend at the Pamphili Padel Club in Rome. The Palermitan padelists have defeated Sardinia, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piedmont without losing a set. Monstrous performances that demonstrate how high the level of Palermitan padel is. The team that surrendered only to Lazio in the final was made up of Andrea Stellone, Gabriele Cuccia, Noel Casisa, Salvo Gioia, Antonio Gallo, Antonio Tranchina, Ciccio Pirrotta, Antonio Romano, Angelo Drago, Francesco Dell’Aria, Daniele Masi. “An unforgettable experience – says Andrea Stellone – and being runners-up out of about 880 participating teams in Italy makes us proud. A special thanks goes to our sponsors, Puleo casa and Niceta Padel store, who allowed us to participate. The defeat in the final it does not detract from this fantastic team and a wonderful group. We will try again next year “.

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