He steals bikes and sells them immediately: but the owner recognizes them on the internet


He recognizes among his products for sale his bicycle that had recently been stolen. So he decided to turn to the police at the Palermo Centro station, engaging a 42-year-old man. For him – a palermitano (P.R. his initials) the complaint was filed for the offense of receiving stolen goods. Inside a warehouse in the Zisa district the 42-year-old hid 35 bicycles, of which he could not justify the origin.

The facts date back to last June 16, when the victim of a bicycle theft went to the carabinieri station to report the incident and told the military that he recognized his bike (thanks to some details) for sale on a well-known social network. "The carabinieri – explain the command of the Arma – presented themselves at the meeting agreed for the sale of the bicycle, identified the man and then carried out a search that …

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