He stabbed a homeless man from Palermo in a cell in Massa Carrara

The homeless man stabbed to death this morning in a building in the former colony of Vercelli in Marina di Carrara (Massa Carrara) was called Paolo Fiorentino . He was 46 years old and was originally from the province of Chieti. From what was rebuilt he had lived in hardship in Carrara for many years and was known to the police. For the murder stopped Francesco Di Blasi , 67 years and origins in Palermo.

Fiorentino’s body was found this morning by a woman who often brought him food and helped him with some housework. Di Blasi, in turn a frequenter of the former colony, also this morning would have gone to the carabinieri barracks in Marina di Carrara to inform the military that there had been a fight in Vercelli and that he had been wounded in the hand. The reasons at the origin of the dispute following which Fiorentino would have been shot to death are still being examined by the investigators.

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