He sold heroin to the patients of the Catania sert. Jack

The Carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Compagnia di Piazza Dante arrested a 34-year-old woman from Catania, held responsible for illicit drug dealing and possession.

He exploited the state of need of heroin users, many of whom were treated by the drug addiction service of the Etna capital, to whom he had provided their own mobile phone – always active – to which the poor people turned in case of withdrawal.

After receiving the telephone request from the customer, he reached him by car at the agreed place and there he exchanged the dose-money (for each dose he “demanded” 40 euros).

Following her moves were the soldiers of the Arma who, after a prolonged service of shadowing and observation, saw her in via Ulisse giving doses of heroin in exchange for money to two buyers, both over 50, stopped immediately after the exchange with the newly purchased drug.

Blocked and searched on the spot, she was found in possession of around 800 euros in cash, as well as another dose of heroin. Drugs and money were seized, while the arrested, waiting for the direct route, was relegated to house arrest.