He runs away and tries to hide from the police: alleged pusher in handcuffs in Catania

Yesterday afternoon, staff of the Volanti arrested SSGS class 2002, for detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

The staff, engaged in the control of the territory in the San Giovanni Galermo area, carried out a thorough check under the arcades of the buildings in via Capo Passero, where there is a well-known shop square active 24 hours a day, organized with lookouts and pushers.

The policemen noticed numerous cars stop near a door, where they stopped for a few minutes during which the drivers confabulated with some bystanders and, subsequently, resumed the march. Suspicious of this situation, the agents decided to proceed with the control of the young people who, however, having understood the intention of the agents, took a hasty escape, entering the door and closing it behind them.

The agents, demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the places, taking advantage of the door open to the adjacent house, managed to reach, without being noticed by the pushers, the building where the young people had taken refuge through the terraces.

Once inside the building in the condominium stairs, the policemen blocked one of the three fugitives who was found in possession of drugs already divided into doses ready for sale, precisely 186 of cocaine and 157 of marijuana, as well as the sum of 30 euros withheld. proceeds from the sales activity and an audio headset for a transceiver radio.

Following this the man was arrested and on the orders of the prosecutor on duty held in the security rooms of the police headquarters pending the validation judgment.

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