He received clients in the Pusher house in handcuffs

CATANIA – The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Catania Piazza Dante arrested the 31 of Catania with police precedents Gianluca Maugeri, in the flagrante delicto of possession of drugs for drug dealing. The arrested, in fact, already in probation for social services because of his drug history, was identified by the military as a subject of considerable investigative interest because near his home, shared with his mother, several times they had been noticed addicts. Following prolonged observation services, the Carabinieri carried out a search inside the house where their suspicions inevitably found reiterated: 350 grams of marijuana, 2 precision balances and all that is needed for packaging in doses of the narcotic substance. The arrestor was restricted to house arrest. <Div id = "…

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