"He raids the ex's house, beats her and rapes her in front of his daughter": sentenced to 36 years old


Penalty discount, albeit slight, of just six months of imprisonment, on appeal for the thirty-six year old FG, sentenced in the first instance to seven years of imprisonment in addition to a series of accessory penalties (legal ban and public offices), to the security measure and compensation to the former partner.

The judges of the third section of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, chaired by Antonio Napoli, re-determined the sentence in 6 years and 6 months against the man, who was found guilty of having beaten and raped the woman after breaking into his home and not caring about the presence of the daughter who, at first would have been forced to leave but then, according to the reconstruction of the facts, considered reliable in two levels of judgment, managed to rebel and make him desist.

The judges, as requested by the deputy public prosecutor, have condemned him for all the crimes and have established, in addition to the compensation to be quantified in civil, a provisional, that is an advance of compensation of 5 thousand euros, immediately executive, towards of the former partner who appeared as a civil party with the assistance of the lawyer Daniela Posante. The judges also suspended the terms of pre-trial detention during the time of filing the reasons. A similar provision was adopted on July 16 last year by the judges of the second criminal section of the Agrigento tribunal who had inflicted seven years of imprisonment. The verdict was challenged by his lawyer, the lawyer Davide Santamaria. The man, from 2 June 2017, is under house arrest.

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