“He overwhelmed and killed the future consuocero to block the marriage of the children”, new arrest warrant

Murder pluri-aggravated by premeditation, futile motives and poor defense. The investigating judge Luisa Turco, following the request presented by the public prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, and by the prosecutor Paola Vetro, issued a new precautionary order against the tobacconist Luigi Lalomia, 75 years old.

The new provision comes following the death, which took place on July 16 at the Messina hospital, after a month and a half of agony, of Mario Vincenzo Lauricella, a sixty-year-old mechanic from Canicattì, beaten and hit with a van by his consuocero in the field of a conflict related to the future marriage of the children. Lalomia is also accused of the attempted murder of her future daughter-in-law who would have been saved by a heroic gesture of her father who, seeing the car crash into him, would have pushed her away avoiding that she too was crushed against a wall. The elderly man, assisted by his defender, the lawyer Calogero Meli, in the interrogation that was held remotely in front of the investigating judge Luisa Turco, denied the reconstruction in all points. The Prosecutor’s Office – the investigation is conducted by the head of the Luigi Patronaggio office and by the substitute Paola Vetro – is now challenging him with the accusation of murder against his future consu-in-law and attempted murder of his daughter-in-law: the goal, after a series of threats and telephone and presence insults, would have been to block the marriage of the girl with her son. The ambush, on the morning of May 30, took place in via Libia, in front of a warehouse owned by the victims. “I have never opposed my son’s marriage – he told the judge – that morning I went to my future partner-in-law’s house because my wife had received a very aggressive phone call from his wife. I did not try to kill anyone, I just tried to escape after they beat my car and, in the excitement, I made a mistake in putting the gear into gear “. For the investigating judge, however, he would have gone there to beat them and, after beating them, he would have decided to crush them with the car and kill them. Lalomia’s future son-in-law and her daughter, in particular, were standing in front of a warehouse at the entrance to the house. There the tobacconist would arrive with a Doblò, stop and start beating them with a stick, taken from the trunk. The two would be able to take the stick out of his hands but Lalomia, climbing up the Doblò, would have backtracked to crush them against the wall. The use of the stick, according to the investigating judge, is an indication of “impaired defense” by the victims. The previous contrasts told by the victim’s daughter would instead be proof of premeditation. On the futile reasons, the investigating judge underlines: “The reaction was disproportionate”. The precautionary order, for the double accusation of attempted murder against Lalomia, had been confirmed by the court of re-examination which considered that there were serious indications of guilt. The attack was witnessed by several neighbors. The suspect’s position is now clearly worsening and the judge has signed a precautionary measure for the new charge of multiple aggravated homicide.

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