He lured minors to Facebook, arrested a Palermitan


A Palermitan was arrested on charges of child pornography and extortion. The investigation by the carabinieri of the Lieutenancy of Copertino, in the province of Lecce, dependent on the company from Gallipoli.

To initiate the investigative investigations, was the complaint from the parents of one of the victims to Cupertino. The man, in the period between the months of March 2018 and April 2019, via Facebook, would have lured nine underage girls, including 12-year-old girls, residing in various parts of Italy, forcing them, with the threat of reporting their contacts to parents, to show their sexual organs and to withdraw in erotic poses. Finally, the man had child pornography sent.

The investigations, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Lecce, Luigi Mastroianni, also made use of three house searches in Palermo, with the consequent seizure of copious computer material, including files containing child pornography.

The arrest of a suspect of a crime carried out by the carabinieri of Copertino in Palermo was thus ordered. The man was locked up in the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo.

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