He killed his mother in fists, arrested in Ragusa Carmelo Chessari


He would have punched his mother at the height of a fight for trivial reasons, but was arrested today by the soldiers of the Ragusa weapon. This morning, the military carried out a precautionary measure in prison issued by the Judicial Authority against a 48-year-old accused of murdering his mother. The elderly female was repeatedly hit with bare hands by her son. Hospitalized in critical condition, the victim died after twenty days of agony.
The alleged murderer is Carmelo Chessari, 48, with a criminal record for drug dealing. The attack dates back to last April when the victim's mother, Santa Trovato, was hospitalized in Ragusa with serious injuries and swellings caused by a series of punches according to doctors. The old female died after a long agony lasting twenty days. The suspects concentrated immediately on the son, who was investigated, but only today, following some …

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