He is applying for a residence permit with a fake Tunisian passport under house arrest

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 11:26

Share Another arrest for possession of false documents at the immigration office in Catania. A 38-year-old who had presented himself at the counter to ask, with the appropriate postal kit, for the release of the residence card as a family member of a European citizen, as he was married to an Italian, got into trouble. Doubts immediately arose about the authenticity of the passport exhibited for the purposes of personal recognition and the document was subjected to more detailed technical checks by the scientific police. The investigators’ suspicion turned out to be correct and the document falsified. From the fingerprint confirmation it was ascertained that the man had been photographed in the past, at the time of his first entry into Italy in 2008, with generalities other than those reported on the passport presented and declared. Therefore, he was placed under house arrest pending a validation hearing before the magistrate. This is the eleventh similar case, discovered by the immigration officers, within a few months.

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