He inhaled gas, a Marsala worker dies after a week

inalo-gas, -man-of-marsala-dies-after-a-week

A worker-technician, Giuseppe Caruso, who on 7 September was the victim of a serious accident at work in a petrol station on the outskirts of Marsala, died in a hospital in Palermo a week after his hospitalization. Caruso, an employee of a company that maintains and cleans tanks, allegedly inhaled gas or fuel vapors while working in a diesel tank and suffered severe lung damage. The worker also suffered burns in various parts of the body. Apparently, due to a spark when closing a tank lid, the gases inside the tank caused a flame that hit it.

After the first treatments received in the emergency room of the “Paolo Borsellino” hospital in Marsala, the worker was urgently transferred, in a reserved prognosis, to Palermo. The fuel station, on which an investigation has been launched, is along the SS 115 for Trapani, at the height of the Ranna and Tabaccaro districts. The plant was closed pending the necessary investigations to ascertain what had happened. The worker leaves behind his wife and two small children.

“This tragedy – says Piero Genco, secretary of the CGIL Chamber of Labor of Marsala – brings us back to the great problem of the lack of safety in the workplace.