“He hasn’t slept in days, he goes around with glasses and a headband”

“I ripped the brake lines”, said Giuseppe Calvaruso, boasting of his strength and his unscrupulousness, but when suddenly he would find himself with all the power in hand and the task of managing the district of Pagliarelli instead of Settimo Mineo, ended up in prison with “Dome 2.0”, here would begin the torments and insomnia, the fear – that he would have had printed on his face – of being arrested at any moment. Here the boss would have started to go around with glasses and neckband to avoid being recognized, also becoming the laughing stock of some affiliate. The other face of Calvaruso emerges from the interceptions of the“Brevis” operation, with which on Sunday he was stopped as soon as he returned from Brazil by the carabinieri. And from there we understand how useless all his tricks were and how well founded his paranoia were.

The interceptions: the “Carlo V”, the Porsche and the dinghy

Because the military – coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and by the substitutes Federica La Chioma and Dario Scaletta – have documented meetings and summits, in particular in the villa of Calvaruso, in via Altofonte, with relatives of affiliates, including the wife and mother of the boss of Pagliarelli Gianni Nicchi, but also as immediately after the arrests of “Cupola 2.0”, on 4 December 2018, the suspect would become the landmark of the clan and had committed, also through his alleged alter ego, Giovanni Caruso, to keep the prisoners. He would also have organized a party for his new assignment in June 2019 and would have come to deliver fish and lamb to one of the leading mobsters in the district, Giovanni Cancemi.

The background: the boss, the escort and the restaurateur

The role of “heir” of Mineo destined for Calvaruso is reported to the investigators by the two repentants of “Cupola 2.0”, Filippo Bisconti and Francesco Colletti. And that the suspect was already well integrated into the clan, several meetings that took place before that operation would also prove: a summit with Andrea Ferrante and Cancemi on November 13, 2018, in the villa of Altofonte, and then the various attempts by Mineo that he would be presented in front of the house just three days before ending up in prison, but without finding Calvaruso.

The repentant: “He’s the substitute for Mineo”

Bisconti, in front of the photos shown to him by the investigators, it is clear: “I recognize Giuseppe Calvaruso, a man of honor in the Pagliarelli family and sponsored by Mineo as his replacement for the future within the Pagliarelli district (…) Mineo would have been replaced by Salvatore Sorrentino, who however was smart and did not want to appear outside, or more probably by Calvaruso. Today I could say that Calvaruso is the current head of Pagliarelli, before the meeting in May 2018, Mineo told me who would have pointed out in the eventual meeting of the Commission that his substitutes would be Calvaruso or Sorrentino “. Colletti is also precise: “I recognize Giuseppe Calvaruso, I know that he is a man of honor of the Pagliarelli family, I don’t remember if I was told by Filippo Bisconti who also indicated him as sub-head of the Pagliarelli family, after Settimo Mineo in the family hierarchy, he came as number two, even though he was never introduced to me ritually. “

Meetings and summits

For the investigators, evidence of the change at the top of the district is evidence that after “Cupola 2.0”, “numerous meetings” were documented between Calvaruso and the relatives of several of the arrested, such as Ferrante, Sorrentino, Cancemi and Matteo Maniscalco, but also with Vincenzo Cascino, historic man of honor of Pagliarelli, and also “a renewed acquaintance with the wife and mother of the boss Gianni Nicchi”.

The link with the boss Cascino

There are 24 meetings recorded for example between Calvaruso and Cascino between December 2018 and November of the following year, when the boss had left for Brazil for the first time. And it is after one of these meetings, that of January 24, 2019, that all the torments and concerns of Calvaruso for the new role he held emerge, in particular thanks to the dialogue intercepted immediately after the visit between Cascino and his wife.

“He has a face, he hasn’t slept in two days”

In fact Cascino said: “Ah, my Jesus! I said to him: ‘Should I worry?’ says: ‘No, nooo’, but I see it in the face that … “and his wife agreed:” If, nooo, he says (relates the words of Calvaruso’s wife, ed): ‘He’s not sleeping for now, by the way, two days, how long is he not sleeping? Last night I got up then he dozed off … I got up to close the window, then he heard this noise and he woke up: ‘What is it? What is it? ‘, Like everything woke up … “And Cascino:” Because now he is very attached to children, do you understand? So now everything weighs! As long as you know that there is nothing, when you know that there is a problem that could be imminent you always hear them behind the door! “The woman confirmed:” In fact she says: ‘They rang, we were all at the door!’ “.

“It seems pitiful, it has changed”

Cascino continued: “In fact, I try to be closer because it seems a bit pitiful … I have seen a change in him for two years, how much is it, a year that we see him? Now he has totally changed, at the beginning. it was all … now you see, the little ones, what are we talking about … I look at those children, he is very attached because he has not seen them grow up … Meschina is “.

“Go around with hat, neckband and glasses!”

And that Calvaruso did not appear unscrupulous and aggressive as he said he was in other interceptions, is also demonstrated by the stories told to Andrea Ferrante by his relatives during an interview in prison, on January 10, 2019. Calvaruso was even laughed at: “You have to see it , hat, neckband, glasses … I tell you, me, with tears, I with tears … If I throw a mini-bag, do you know where you are going to get it in this minute ?! You know how to run ?! “.

The meeting with Gianni Nicchi’s mother

On November 30, 2019 Calvaruso had also met Lucia Martinelli, mother of the boss Gianni Nicchi and wife of life-prisoner Luigi Nicchi. The carabinieri also documented with photos the appointment that took place in via Giovanni Argento and it is clear that the two “engaged in a close discussion that lasted about 14 minutes, during which they even moved inside a workshop”, write the investigators. “They greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek.”

“I sent faces with hearts”

Relations with the relatives of the former rising star of Cosa Nostra were also entertained by Calvaruso’s wife: “I also felt with her – she said referring to Nicchi’s wife – I said ‘say hello to me’, ‘I’m going to Gianni’ … Because I saw the video and about the story … The Eagle. I sent her hearts, faces with hearts, I sent her fire, I said: ‘Give her a kiss …’ “. And he also hoped for an (unlikely) release from prison, but Calvaruso said: “Unfortunately, they took him right in the chest, making him a case, mah!” and his wife added: “That journalists do enormous damage!”. Furthermore, according to the investigators, the boss, with the company “Edil Professional srls”, would also have dealt with the renovation of the new home of Nicchi’s wife.

The fish dinner to celebrate the assignment

Despite the concerns, Calvaruso would have held a kind of party on 11 June 2019 in his villa, “in which, among others, the wife of the prisoner Giovanni Cancemi and that of Andrea Ferrante took part”. A party probably for his new role. At 20.24 the carabinieri also noticed the arrival of a fishmonger from Corso Calatafimi who “delivered to Calvaruso the rich order of fish that he had placed in the afternoon to make a good impression with his 10 guests at dinner”. A meeting that took place the day after Ferrante and Cancemi had had talks with their relatives “it was therefore conceivable that it was functional to convey messages between the detainees and the new regent of the district”.

“One thousand euros for the interview”

After the “Cupola 2.0” blitz Calvaruso would become the reference point for the maintenance of prisoners and their families, using Caruso’s money for the distribution. The latter in an interception gave a detail of the accounting: “I gave him a thousand euros and a thousand euros for that … Now he goes to an interview and I give it to him, because I gave him 500 euros last week. Because when do the interview do I have to give them at least a thousand euros? Mi, a minimum! But wait, I worked or I didn’t work, even that to say: ‘This week smooth’ … Sempreeee! And two interviews are two thousand euros … because that makes an interview, hole, packages, the package a lot and the interview a thousand euros. A thousand, a thousand and 500, in the meantime I’ll put that of the others … “.

Gifts to “high-ranking” inmates

Once Caruso would have even worked to buy fish to send to Giovanni Cancemi in prison. “The choice to donate such an expensive food seemed emblematic of the will of the Pagliarelli mafia family to demonstrate a concrete closeness to Cancemi, at the same time allowing him to flaunt a certain comfort in the eyes of the other inmates, adequate to his criminal rank certainly not as a common prisoner “, say investigators.

Calamari and lamb for the boss Cancemi

On November 9, 2019, Caruso called a nephew of Cancemi and asked him: “An information, the squid clean or whole? With the tentacles apart or not? I have already ordered them, I have ordered all things, I said: ‘ Don’t clean the squid, put it like this “and the other:” Okay, I have to go get the lamb as well. ” On 11 November, during an interview, his wife gave Cancemi both the fish and the lamb already cooked, the investigators say.

“I got this cat to comb …”

With several interceptions, the Prosecutor believes that he has documented the delivery of the money to the relatives of the detainees by Caruso, on behalf of Calvaruso, in particular at Christmas 2019: “One, two and three, I give them to him divided as he has , 14, 15, I’ll put them here … Fuck all three have taken them off, look here, 500, 500 and 500 and I only have a thousand, 1,500 of that, 2,500 left! For him and his parish priest and 2 thousand euros l ‘one and I left with the same … “. A complex task and Caruso said: “Nobody, would you take a cat to comb this one? By now I have taken it and it is right, now I am here!”.

“Do you have a calendar at home?”

But there were those who complained about the timing with which the “mesata” would be delivered, like Sorrentino’s relatives: “Ah GiovĂ , I forgot to tell you something … You have a calendar at home, right? True, you don’t use any? If you want, I’ll give you one, because I say 20 days have passed … Don’t we let him now calculate the month starting from this day? “.

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