He had escaped from house arrest in July, tracked down 45 years old


There State Police has found and arrested, inside the "Sperone" district, Marino Giancarlo, a 45-year-old from Palermo originally from the same district and recipient of an Order of Safe Custody in Prison issued against him by the Court of Palermo.

Marino had been untraceable since last July, that is, since his prison custody regime, applied on the basis of an accusation for mistreatment in the family which came to a conviction at first instance, had been attenuated and replaced with the measure of house arrest to be served at a therapeutic facility in Northern Italy.

Not only did Marino never show up at that facility, but he also violated the requirement to inform the police on the methods of departure and arrival times at the aforementioned facility. Basically he had not given any news about himself. This conduct therefore led to the reinstatement by the Court of Palermo of the measure of pre-trial detention in prison.

Since then, the policemen have beaten the places of his main presence palm by palm until, yesterday afternoon, the agents of the Commissariat of P.S. "Brancaccio" they tracked him down the street near Passage de Felice Giuffrida and frustrated an extreme attempt to escape: at the sight of the policemen, in fact, Marino initially slowed his pace so as not to arouse suspicion, evidently hoping not to be recognized, and then to give himself instead to a hasty escape between the cars, when he understood what the agents' intentions were; he was promptly reached, handcuffed and, after the formalities of the rite transferred to the "Lorusso" District of Pagliarelli. Now he will also have to answer for the crime of evasion.

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