“He grew cannabis plants near the bed of the Platani river”, arrested 27 years old

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 10:22

Share He grew cannabis plants in the countryside of Cammarata. A 27-year-old, already known to the police, was arrested for the illicit production, trafficking and possession of narcotic or psychotropic substances. The Carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile nucleus of the Cammarata company which is coordinated by Captain Sabino Dente, went into action yesterday afternoon. The arrest was made after several patrols on a large area close to the bed of the Platani river. And it is during those checks that the young man was noticed as he approached that area with suspicion. After the checkup, 15 cannabis plants were found, some up to 3 meters high. The young man tried to deny his involvement in cultivation, but his arrest was triggered anyway. At the disposal of the deputy attorney on duty in Agrigento, the 27-year-old was placed under house arrest. The plants were naturally seized.

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