“He felt his breasts and groin during the visits”, eight women plaintiffs against an allergist

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There are eight women who have decided to take a civil action against the allergist Lorenzo Barresi who, according to the prosecutor, during the visits to the Isme in via Ruggero Settimo, would have heavily groped the patients, touching their breasts and private parts.
The judge Giuliano Castiglia, during the preliminary hearing, has in fact admitted the request for the establishment of the alleged victims.

There are almost twenty episodes which, based on the reconstruction of the deputy prosecutor Giorgia Righi who had coordinated the investigations, would be classified as sexual violence.
The defendant had been arrested on September 14 last yearafter the complaint of two young people who had turned to him for allergy problems and would have found themselves instead in panties and without a bra because Barresi – posing as a breast specialist and immunologist – would actually have taken the opportunity to groped them.

In the allergist’s office some wiretapping had been carried out and so other cases would have emerged.
The eight alleged victims who arose against him are defended, among others, by the lawyers Ettore Barcellona, ​​Francesco Cutraro, Claudio Congedo, Maurizio Cicero and Salvino Caputo.

“Take off your bra, I’ll do a manual check”: the abuses filmed live

During today’s hearing, the accused decided to be questioned and he defended himself, as he had done in the past, denying all objections and arguing that, as a scrupulous doctor and very attentive to prevention, he would simply have done his job correctly.
His medical activities are therefore not sexual abuse.

“I am a breast specialist, I have a lot of tasks, I am an allergist, an immunologist, I deal with preventing degenerative diseases in the elderly” and doing “life-saving things”, so Barresi said in the interceptions.
For him, more than a mammogram or an ultrasound – fundamental tests for the prevention of tumors – it would have been important “the sensitivity of the visitor, the instrumental tests are not enough, the attention of the doctor who carries out the clinical examination is important.
breast, which is a very complex examination …
So he would perform “manual checks”, as he called them.

Several patients would suspicious and one of them in fact said to the doctor: “But why can this urticaria also be connected to the breast?” and Barresi replied: “No, however, you see, in a situation of stress, then we are in an age of transition, the mammary gland is a target organ …”.
To another woman who raised doubts about the fact that the allergist was groping her breasts, she said that the mammary glands “interest me for allergic speech, because inflammation takes hold there …
You see how many good tips that am I giving her? “.

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