He fell for San Calò because of the raised sidewalk, Municipality sued


She was injured during last year's celebrations in honor of San Calogero. Now, he cited the Municipality of Agrigento before the Agrigento tribunal and asked for compensation for the damages suffered. The Municipality, however, is not there and the mayor Lillo Firetto has already authorized the establishment in court of the institution, entrusting the task of defense and representation to the lawyer Agata Vecchio, specialist in the first sector.

To quote, at the beginning of last June, the Municipality of Agrigento was – and it is only the last in a long series of summonses in court for claims for damages – a woman who, on 8 July 2018, while traveling Piazza Vittorio Emanuele to witness the traditional feast of San Calogero fell due to the sidewalk raised for the roots of the trees. A fall that caused her to suffer serious injuries.

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