He falls into an artesian well while he was dancing and dies, a tragic birthday party in Erice

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A birthday party turned into a tragedy in Erice, in the Trapani area, when a slab covering a 25-meter deep artesian well broke and the birthday boy, who turned 40, ended up in it, dying.
The victim is Antonio Andreani, from Molfetta, who had decided to rent a rural house in Erice to celebrate in Sicily with close friends and family.

The fatal accident occurred shortly after midnight, in the Pegno district, where the forty-year-old had rented the house.
Andreani was dancing in front of his friends and was lying on the top of the well when the structure that covered him gave way and the man fell into him, falling for about 25 meters.
At the bottom of the well there was water, about 5 meters.

Firefighters and carabinieri recovered Andreani’s body only around 4 in the morning, after the firefighters of the river speleological group arrived from Palermo.
Andreani had a deep head wound, so it is likely that he hit his head as he fell on the walls of the well.

The body is now in the mortuary of Marsala for the autopsy ordered by the Prosecutor of Trapani.
The carabinieri are conducting investigations and listening to those present to reconstruct the dynamics of the incident and understand if there are responsibilities, if it was a fatality or if the well coverage was not suitable and if the danger had been reported.


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