He extorted money from his mother for drugs and mistreated her: arrested by the State Police

Last summer he had been subjected to the precautionary measure of the prohibition of approach, but had not respected it, the young man arrested last Friday afternoon by the agents of the Flying Squad of the Trapani Police Headquarters.

The suspect, a 27-year-old with a precedent, through constant threats and physical violence, had literally subjugated his mother for some time, systematically forcing her to give him money in order to be able to obtain drugs.

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After careful investigations, the investigators had reconstructed several episodes in which the young man had extorted money from the woman and during which he had threatened or beat her, obtaining from the judicial authorities the issue of the prohibition of approach.

Recently the suspect, after moving away from the family home, had returned home, violating the precautionary measure and starting again to make requests for money to the mother, who on one occasion had escaped the violent beatings of her son by running away and requesting the intervention of the State Police.

Yesterday the epilogue of the affair, when the young man was arrested and sent to prison, in execution of a precautionary detention order issued by the GIP, at the request of the Prosecutor of Trapani, for crimes of mistreatment in the family and extortion.