he enters the house with a knife in his hand and beats his sister, he wanted 40 euros

CATANIA – The carabinieri of the station of Piazza Dante have reported a prejudiced of 37 years old, originally from Augusta (Syracuse), as he was held responsible for personal injury is threats.

The poor victim, one 38 years old resident in the neighborhood San Cristoforo, she suddenly saw herself to crash the brother into the house which, clamoring for the return gods 40 euros that he had lent her, he started by wielding a kitchen knife and then hit it with gods punches to the head that almost knocked her out.

Some passersby, recalled by the screams of the woman, have asked for help to 112 allowing, in fact, theintervention on the spot of the crew of a gazelle who blocked the gazelle, seized the knife, found on the floor, and helped the victim.

The 38-year-old, visited by the doctors of the hospital’s emergency room Cannizzaro, has been found to be affected by head trauma curable in about ten days.

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