He does not accept the sanction, a 17-year-old denounced by the carabinieri

During a territorial control service aimed at complying with the containment regulations of Covid-19, the Carabinieri of the San Vito Lo Capo station denounced a seventeen-year-old native of Marsala for resistance and insult to a Public Official. The young man was surprised in San Vito, according to him to visit a dear friend, in violation of the current restrictions deriving from the rules for dealing with the epidemiological emergency. The military therefore, after identifying him, administratively sanctioned him.In the circumstance, the minor went on a rampage, despite the Carabinieri having explained in detail the reason for the high sanction, at the invitation of the military to calm down he tore the report into a thousand pieces and pushed them uttering insulting phrases by running away on foot. The escape attempt failed thanks to the prompt response of the operators who, after a small chase, managed to block it. At the outcome of the investigations, the minor was reassigned to his parents and more than the complaint to the juvenile court remedied for the resistance he seemed concerned about the intervention of the family members.

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