He dies of a cerebral hemorrhage, donating his liver saves a life in Palermo

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 09:48

Share He had expressed his consent to organ donation when he was still alive to renew his identity document. Thus a 53-year-old man, suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage and hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Bari Polyclinic, saved a patient awaiting transplant. Once the brain death was ascertained, the medical team was able to proceed with the removal of the liver which was transported and transplanted to Palermo. “To the family of the 53 year old goes the condolences and the closeness of the whole Bari hospital, but also thanks for the great generosity shown with the choice to donate the organs” declares the director of the Bari hospital, Giovanni Migliore. The expression of will in life is one of the possibilities offered by the Municipalities to be able to grant consent to the donation of organs. “The consent expressed in life, at the time of issuing the identity card, allows you to proceed with the donation respecting the wishes of the person without placing family members, already affected by great pain such as the loss of a loved one, in the face of the difficulty of a choice ”explains the coordinator of the regional transplant center and director of Nephrology at the Bari Polyclinic, prof. Loreto Gesualdo. In Bari from 2013 to today, according to the statistics compiled by the National Transplant Center on declarations of will, 36124 citizens signed for the consent to organ donation, equal to 59.1% against 24.948, 40.9%, who have expressed opposition. The average consensus in the province of Bari is 63.9% while in Puglia it stands at 61%; throughout Italy the average is 68%. “It is useful and precious to remind all citizens that they will have to renew their expired identity cards that, in addition to signing the document, they can put one to choose to donate organs – declares Gesualdo – We appeal to them for life: donate organs it is a powerful gesture of love and allows you to save other lives “.

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