"He beats his daughter, the threat with a gun and he rapes her in front of his grandchildren": part of the sweeper process


The alleged victim is a civil party, after a partial exclusion for formal reasons related to the prosecution produced in court, and the defense of the main defendant announces that he will ask for a psychiatric examination to evaluate the ability to understand and to want.

Meanwhile the judges of the second penal section, chaired by Wilma Angela Mazzara, admit the evidence presented by the prosecutor Alessandra Russo and the defenders. The trial of 51-year-old garbage collector, arrested on 10 January last year, with allegations of sexual violence and ill-treatment of his daughter, will go live, with the interrogation of the first texts, on 4 December.
The indictment was decided by the gup Stefano Stefano Zammuto who also sent the wife and two brothers-in-law of the main defendant to trial, accused of aiding and abetting for lying to the prosecutor during the investigation with the aim of guaranteeing impunity for the alleged "monster ", Accused of raping and savagely beat his daughter, sometimes threatening her with a gun to force her to have sex with him, even in the presence of grandchildren. Two other children of the garbage collector, defended by the lawyer Davide Casà, initially investigated for the same facts, did not end up on trial.

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