He asked for protection money, a well-known judicial administrator arrested

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 07:37

Extortion and abuse of power. With this accusation, the financial police – delegated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo – executed an order issued by the Gip of the Court of the capital, with which the precautionary measure of house arrest against the well-known accountant Antonio was applied. Lo Mauro, 54, “under investigation for the crime of extortion aggravated by the abuse of powers and with the violation of the duties inherent in a public function”. Lo Mauro was appointed six years ago by the court Preventive Measures after the Saguto scandal. Now, the investigations carried out by the economic-financial police unit of the financial police of Palermo have revealed “illegal conduct carried out by the suspect in the context of employment relationships related to the office of judicial administrator that he has held since September 2015, upon appointment of the Court of Palermo “. In this context, Lo Mauro “would have forced a tax and accounting consultant of the companies under judicial administration to pay him unduly, in several installments, the total sum of 5,000 euros in cash, as well as to unduly pay a debt of 6,240 euros contracted by Lo Mauro himself. with another professional “. From the finance they conclude as follows: “The action of the Palermo yellow flames continues, with the coordination of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, to protect the correct execution of the delicate functions connected to the performance of the extraordinary administration procedures of the companies subject to seizure and confiscation”.

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