Having recovered the remains of a mutilated corpse in Lampedusa, it is a mystery about the discovery

Editorial team 27 September 2021 08:22

Share 11.50 am. Two femurs and one hip. These are the human remains that were recovered on the rocks of Cala Pulcino by the firefighters of Lampedusa. It is a mutilated portion of a corpse, in an advanced state of decomposition. It was not possible, at first glance, to determine the color of the skin either. The human remains have already been brought to the mortuary of the island and are now at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor of Agrigento which will have to establish which tests they will have to undergo. Probably they will try to trace the DNA. There is therefore no certainty that the remains recovered this morning are of one of the migrants who lost their life in the shipwreck of 30 June last. However, this hypothesis inevitably remains a possibility. On the shipwreck there is an investigation coordinated by the chief prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio and by the substitute Maria Barbara Cifalinò. 8.15. Human remains have been found and reported by the Lampedusa Harbor Master’s Office to the island’s firefighters who are mobilizing to proceed with the recovery. The firefighters are moving both by land and by sea, with a fire brigade boat, to reach Cala Pulcino. It is almost certainly the remains of immigrants. And it seems likely that they could be – it is not yet clear how many bodies it is – of the missing people from the shipwreck of 30 June. A small boat then capsized between Lampedusa and the islet of Lampione. The boat, after having overturned and having made all the migrants on board end up in the water (7 women, one of them 2 months pregnant, who lost their lives and 46 survivors), lay down on the bottom of the sea. On 8 July, the Dattilo ship of the Coast Guard which submerged an underwater robot, located the boat and the bodies of the 9 missing immigrants. 2 decomposing corpses were found in Cala Spugne: they are of a woman and of a man On 4 September, two corpses in an advanced state of decomposition were found near Cala Spugne. The strong sea currents brought the two corpses ashore. Palma di Montechiaro welcomes two other victims of the sea: the coffins arrived in the evening from Lampedusa (Updated at 11.55 am)

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