Harbor master’s office, competition for an aspiring pilot in Gela: here’s how to participate

The Port Authority of Gela has launched a competition for aspiring pilot in the guild of pilots of Gela.

The position is open for one seat only. Among others, various specific requirements related to navigation are requested. The details in the announcement which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The application must be submitted by 7 September 20220 in the following ways: the first provides for a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to be presented. The second, directly to the Port Authority of Gela, during the public reception hours, whose office in charge will issue the candidate with a receipt certifying the date of submission of the application. Finally, it is possible to send it through a certified e-mail box (PEC) to the following address cp-gela@pec.mit.gov.it.

Before taking the exam, the verification of the possession of the physical and mental requirements will be carried out by a commission appointed by the Head of the Gela Compartment and composed of the Director of the Maritime Health Office, or by a medical officer from he delegated, who carries out the functions of President, by a doctor designated by INPS – Maritime Sector – National Fund for Marine Welfare and by a doctor designated by the Pilots Corporation of the port of Gela.

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