Half a kilo of marijuana at home. Arrested drug dealer in Mazara


The Pegaso Squad of the Investigative Section of the Police Station of Mazara has put under arrest, in the flagrant crime of detention for the purpose of drug dealing, a mazarese convict, Vincenzo Asaro, born in 1969.

The activity of pg follows the arrest of another mazarese for the same crime by just two days and once again concretizes the specific police activities aimed at countering the widespread phenomenon of drug use among mazarese children.
Also in this case the investigators, already in the past days, had carried out thorough and discreet observation and shadowing activities towards Asaro, discreetly following his movements. The man, subjected to the security measure of freedom of supervision, not respecting the prescriptions inherent to the same, was in Mazara territory, inside an apartment in his availability.

The policemen, intervening lightning fast and preventing him from getting rid of the drug, stopped him as soon as he got out on the street and searched his home. They discovered and confiscated a total of 500 grams of marijuana, contained in a well-concealed plastic bag. It is estimated that the arrested person would have obtained an approximate sum of € 5,000.00 from the sale of the drug.